SES HZ 500


Technical Specifications

Baler Dimensions

Height                            3275m

Width                            7250m

Depth                            1800m

Weight                          7.5 Tonnekgs

Main Motor Power          22kw-63am 3 Phase 5 pin

Motor                           1.1kw 32 amp

Platen Force                 50 Tonnes

Hydraulic Pressure        145 bar

Two cylinders               150mm each bore


Loading Aperture Sizes

Depth                            970mm

Width                            1200m


Bale Dimensions

Length                            1500mm

Depth                             1100mm

Height                            750mm

Weight                           550 Kgs (depending density and material)

Cycle Time                     45 seconds

Number of Wire             04

Throughput                     4-5 bales per hour (depending on material)